First Generation (FG) Scholars of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota  attended a retreat on Mindfulness facilitated by the Manitou Center of Winona on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016.

The retreat consisted of a scavenger hunt on the hiking and ski trails of Saint Mary’s. Where students had to work together, in groups of six, to find certain objectives that led to the next clue that needed to be completed.

The purpose of the mindfulness retreat was to teach the FG Scholars about mindfulness. Through conversation and actions of gratitude, stress management can occur by paying attention and opening the minds of the scholars in order for them to fully understand how they can relate to themselves and others.

The following comments were shared by FG scholars who participated:

  • “It was a nice day and we all participated in a scavenger hunt where we split into a good mix of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. At first we got lost because we did not know how to read the map but we felt pretty accomplished in finding the items. We learned about Mindfulness, something that I have practiced my whole life. It was relaxing, reflecting on how to deal with stress management.”– Frydha Cordova-Fragozo’ 19
  • “Interacting with the freshman class was great because I had the opportunity to talk with the new scholars and pass on wisdom to them and getting wisdom from them as well because wisdom is unlimited to age.”– Aldontae Guess ’ 19
  • “As I got to know the students (FG Scholars) at the retreat I felt much closer by getting to know them and the mindfulness session was a great experience for me.” – Yohanan Urbina’ 20
  • “We had the chance to relax during the mindfulness session that was given by Trish Johnson which I believe can be used in real-life situations to relief stress.”– Alejandra Pina’ 19
  • “We pick up mindfulness as we get older and Trish pretty well defined what mindfulness really is and showed us some exercises that we can use in order to keep us present in our lives.” – Cesar Gonzalez ‘19

The mindfulness session of the retreat was facilitated by Trish Johnson, Instructor at the Manitou Center who has been a mindfulness and meditation instructor for almost 5 years.